Dress up with Classic Lolita Style

Lolita is a clothing style with its variations such as classic lolita, gothic lolita and sweet lolita. Whatever the style it is, lolita is far more than a trend of fashion, but a way for young people to express themselves or a defense for individuality as well as tastes. Lolita style is characterized by its sweetness and cuteness and earn its reputation among most girls who are fond of lovely feeling. 

Gorgeous Bow Layered Classic Lolita Dress

Classic lolita style is the most modest and refine one in the subgenres of lolita style. Many girls view classic lolita as a better choice when they grow older and need to act more like an adult.
A classic lolita dress may be of floral pattern design or just a single main color embellished with all the lolita details like lace trimming, delicate bows as well as other elaborate decorations. It is an important branch of the lolita dress and a wider expression of lolita by the fashion field. Compared with sweet lolita, this kind owes less innocence but with more modest refinements.

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