Perfume for Lolita Clothing

It is said by a famous woman that women who don’t use a perfume won’t own the futures. As girls who like lolita clothing, we need one proper perfume, too! Today I am going to introduce you some!
This one looks quite lovely, right? It has a classic lolita design. Is it a lovely flower? No, it is a clover! The gentle color is a wonderful symbol of girls. It seems that mafic moments will appear when you open the delicate opening!
lolita 1
It looks like an apple! I think I will lose myself in such charming color! Delicate design implies the elegance and beauty! The apple shaped bottle is a symbol of childhood and dreams! Do you want the magic apple?
lolita 2
This one is quite unique, right? The bottle is very flat, which is different from the thin ones. Look carefully, can you find the sweet heart shape? Delicate gold decorations adorn the blue glass. Is it the transparent heart of a beautiful girl?
lolita 3


Movies on Lolita Clothing

In the previous passages, I talked about the history and kinds of lolita clothing. Today I want to tell you more about lolita clothing, to me, movies are a good theme.
It seems that there are rare films on lolita clothing. Just as we talked before, lolita is girl in a famous novel. Several movies adapted the novel and it is easy to find. If you are really interested in it and you see it!
lolita 2
Movies which take lolita clothing as themes are hard to find, but films which reflect people wearing lolita clothing are easy to get! Such as Snow white and the hunt man, little woman. Many Japanese films which are popular among young people with sweet girls in lolita clothing. It is said a famous actress began to like lolita clothing after she acting in one movie!
lolita 3
Besides the movies which are mentioned, there are many other classic ones. You can search the internet to find more!
lolita 4


The Changes of Lolita Clothing

It is said the word lolita comes from a novel named lolita, which is written by a writer called Vladimir Nabokov in 1955. Later the novel was adapted into a movie with the same name by Stanley Kubeick, which mainly describes an unethical romantic relationship between a middle-aged professor and a twelve-year-old girl named Lolita. In 1997, the movie was adapted and became popular in Japan. Some girls began to wear the doll-like dresses and more girls started to imitate the new fashion. Hence Japanese call innocent and lovely girls lolita, which can be short for loli.
lolita girl
Generally, the real start of lolita clothing is in England in the seventeenth century. With the guidance of Queen Victorian, lace trims, ribbons, bows and girdling are widely used, making women look more elegant and slim. The fashion was very popular among aristocratic.
lolita movie
Lolita clothing in nowadays are changed many times and it look quite different from the vintage appearance. It is more cute and lovely, in the meantime, girls all over the world are attracted by it!
pink and white classic lolita dress

Introduction of Gothic Lolita Clothing

Just like sweet lolita and classic lolita clothing, gothic lolita dresses are a branch of lolita clothing too. It is even more popular as its mysterious and dark look.
gothic lolita
The feature of gothic lolita dress is black or white dresses, dark make-up and sparkly large-sized silver ornaments.
Gothic lolita clothing is a perfect match of gothic style and lolita design. Modest color of black or white, knee-length skirt with abundant lace trims. Compared with sweet lolita clothing, gothic lolita dresses adds more terrifying elegance and makings rather than innocence. Dresses mainly in white or black express a mysterious and elegant look, which is a mixture of gloomy and dead feelings.
Gothic make-up is dark, such as black fingernails, eye shadows and lips, which expresses terrifying, hopeless and pessimistic feelings.


An Introduction of Classic Lolita Dresses

Yesterday I introduced you dark lolita dresses and countryside lolita ones, today I will give you a specific introduction of classic lolita dresses.
The features of classic lolita dresses are brief and elegant or fresh and pure look, soft and smooth fabrics and delicate lace trims.
nice lolita girl
Classic lolita clothing has an elegant and modest look. Concise colors and floral prints are common choices,for example, mild cream and sweet pink. Sometimes bright colors such as wine red and dark green which look noble are used too. Ruffles are remarkable symbols, it makes the dress vintage and modern together with garters and dark patterns. Delicate craftsmanship and perfect material can be found and less lace trims are put into use.
nice lolita girl
Compared with sweet lolita clothing, it looks more noble and mature. Meanwhile, more details are added in order to make it more skinny fit.
white classic lolita dress
white classic lolita dress
If you want to wear a classic lolita dress, you should make up properly. Fresh and pure appearance with gentle and fine face is a good explanation of an elegant and proud princess.
pink and white classic lolita dress
pink and white classic lolita dress


Black Lolita Clothing and Classic Lolita Clothing

In the last passage I introduced you sweet lolita clothing. Do you still remember the lovely pink dresses? Today I would like to give you specific details of black lolita clothing and countryside lolita clothing.
lovely lolita girls
Black lolita clothing is a branch of sweet lolita clothing. Though the colors of it mainly are black and white or just black, it still has a sweet look. Please distinguish it from gothic lolita dresses!
Criss-Cross Bow Gothic Lolita Dress
Criss-Cross Bow Gothic Lolita Dress
Countryside lolita clothing looks pure and fresh. Just a few lace trims and ribbons are used. It looks similar to classic lolita dresses, but it is not as elegant as those. But now many people still like it for its cute and fresh look.
Pure White Lace and Ruffle Sweet Lolita Dress
Pure White Lace and Ruffle Sweet Lolita Dress
I will update everyday and I want to tell you more about lolita clothing!


Series Introductions: Sweet Lolita Dresses

As we all know, there are many branches of Lolita clothing, such as sweet lolita, rococo lolita, classic lolita and so on. Meanwhile, elements of lolita clothing has entered the fashion kingdom and they can be seen on many designs. Now I’d like to tell you more about lolita dresses, especially its colorful branches.
Pink and White Sweet Love Lolita Dress
Pink and White Sweet Love Lolita Dress
Today, sweet lolita clothing is our leading role. It has another name called baby lolita. As long as we think of it, we can see a lovely girl wearing pink dresses with delicate lace trims. Colors for sweet lolita clothing are lovely, such as pink, light blue, white and so on. Lace trims are used to modify lovely and cute girls. Flouncings, puff sleeves and ball gowns are wonderful factors.
Sweet Bow and Ruffle Lolita Dress
Sweet Bow and Ruffle Lolita Dress
If you want to wear a sweet lolita dress, you also need floral stockings and a nice small umbrella, which can make you more cute and charming.
lovely sweet lolita girls

How to Be a Beautiful Princess with Lolita Dress

I still remember the sweet moment that dear mother told me fairy tales before I fell asleep. Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Peathey are all elegant and beautiful girls which are full of sunshine and love. As long as I fell asleep, I would dream that I turn into a princess wearing nice lolita dress. In my world, every girl wearing  nice lolita dress is an elegant princess!
I like wearing lolita dress since I was a little girl. Elegant ruffles and shirring, delicate bows, nice lace trims and dreamlike colors, all these mean lolita dresses! As long as I dress it up, I think that I can fly in my dream world.
sweet lolita dress
sweet lolita dress
In my opinion, women can wear lolita dresses regardless of her ages, that is, lolita dresses belong to all women instead of only little girls. Nice lolita dresses on various female bodies can create different beauties. You can turn into a fashionable girl, or a cute maiden even a mysterious woman with a classic gothic look.
gothic lolita dress
gothic lolita dress
What do you think? Just wear a lolita dress and turn into a beautiful princess in the modern world!
sweet lolita girl